Welcome to Safe-Wise Consulting

Welcome to the home of Safe-Wise Consulting. We provide safety and risk management consultation services focused on key exposures including: Aquatic Safety, Asset Protection, Child Abuse Prevention, Driver Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Employee Safety, Facility Management, General Risk Management Practices, Litigation Assistance & Expert Witness Support, OSHA Compliance, Playground Safety, and Transportation Safety to organizations throughout the U.S.

Our staff consultants have extensive local and national experience in organizational leadership, along with strong safety and risk management knowledge. Our goal is to support your organizations mission and vision while strengthening practices that ensure safety and responsible management of risks for the organization, staff, consumer and greater community.

Safe-Wise follows the enterprise approach to risk management. Enterprise risk management incorporates the traditional practices of managing hazards, loss control, risk transfer and loss prevention with a focus on enabling the organization to reach its ultimate potential. In an organizational setting, this approach, when thoughtfully applied, enables the organization to safely and effectively deliver its services to its customers.

Safe-Wise employs sound, effective and time-proven risk management strategies in a creative fashion to encourage a culture of safety, effectively manage risks and to strengthen the operations of the entire organization.

Let Safe-Wise become your partner in a comprehensive approach to safety and risk management for your business, camp, employees, non-profit organization, school, volunteers, and community today.