Rolling Through the Stop Sign

Many of us have rolled through a stop sign while driving, whether inadvertently, because we’re inattentive or in a hurry. Some folks even do this on a regular basis at a familiar intersection. We discussed this analogy last week during a series of training sessions I facilitated. The sessions were part of an organization-wide effort […]

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Seat Belt sm

Rules of the Road

Many organizations utilize some form of transportation in providing their mission to the community. I suppose it is generally assumed that these risks are acceptable for the organization to take on. But let’s look at this issue a little bit. First off, is this a risk that HAS to be part of what we do? […]

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Prior Planning Prevents a Lot!

I received a phone call this past week from a camp director in upstate New York that was reviewing the camp’s emergency plan. We discussed how recent weather “anomalies” have made us all look at emergency scenarios that we would have not considered just a few years ago. So with this in mind we discussed […]

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Kiddie Pool

Remembering the Past to Protect our Future

I had the distinct pleasure of working with over one hundred dedicated staff members at a YMCA in Georgia this past weekend. The organization, its leadership and staff took six hours this past Saturday to engage in training on various safety topics with me. After one of our sessions where we discussed aquatic safety the […]

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Background Checks

One question that we often get asked at Safe-Wise Consulting is “How often should we conduct background checks?” Our recommendation is that these checks should be conducted on at least an annual basis for all employees and any program volunteers. Organizations should conduct these searches in addition to meeting any screening that is required by […]

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Making a List and Checking it Twice!

Okay, so its not time to be thinking of Santa, but I was thinking of lists today. I regularly visit and audit YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs and clubs. I frequently encounter systems (or lack of systems) to manage and track daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and housekeeping functions that could be strengthened. These functions, which are […]

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