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Our staff consultants have extensive local and national experience in organizational leadership, along with strong safety and risk management knowledge. This combination of proven career leaders with operations-based experience and strong safety knowledge uniquely enables Safe-Wise to provide consulting, training and support services to your organization that encourages effective, practical and sustainable processes.

Mike Gurtler and Chris Mogridge founded Safe-Wise Consulting in June of 2007 and have since nurtured the company into a premiere provider of risk management services to youth-serving agencies across the US.

Mike Gurtler, ARM
Member/Managing Partner & Senior Consultant


Mike is a founding member and the managing partner of Safe-Wise Consulting. He has been a leader in working with youth and organizations for over 30 years. He began his career as a music educator but soon moved into nonprofit youth work. His youth work career included resident camping, aquatic, child care, day camp and several administrative positions before becoming a YMCA CEO. After a successful term as CEO, Mike moved to YMCA of the USA as a safety & risk management consultant; later becoming the Director of Risk Management providing strategic risk management direction for the organization and working closely with YMCAs throughout the country.

Mike has been instrumental in developing risk management resources and publications around child abuse prevention, aquatic safety, camping, child care, workplace safety, transportation and staff training for the last 20 years. Mike is an experienced and insightful trainer who is regularly called upon to provide highly-rated workshops at local organizations as well as regional and national conferences. Mike brings his career experience to his risk management efforts providing the knowledge and understanding that allows Safe-Wise to be both practical and insightful as it strengthens the safety practices of organizations.

Mike resides in Bar Harbor, ME with his wife and son. He actively participates in the Congregational Church, Town Government, Boy Scouts and other local efforts. He is an avid outdoorsman; enjoying camping, canoeing, fishing, sea-kayaking and outdoor/indoor sports such as golf and basketball. He also enjoys volunteering as a firearms and hunter safety instructor.

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Christopher Mogridge
Member/Managing Partner & Senior Consultant

Chris is a founding member and the managing partner of Safe-Wise Consulting.  He has worked with youth-serving organizations for over 40 years. He began his career in aquatics and program administration and later as the Aquatics Coordinator for the YMCA of Greater New York. Chris has been CEO for YMCAs in Tarrytown NY, Bangor, ME and Norwalk CT. He joined the Y-USA staff as a Safety and Risk Management consultant with YMCA Services Corporation in 2002. In this position he provided direct risk management consulting services to YMCAs in the North East and took a leadership role in the development and implementation of the YMCA Services Lifeguard Rescue Ready program.

Chris brings an extensive and varied background to risk management; he has been published in professional journals and has provided expert testimony in drowning cases. Chris exhibits the practical experience and knowledge that allows Safe-Wise to provide a realistic and intuitive approach as it strengthens the safety practices of organizations. Chris is a former YMCA Senior Director and holds National YMCA Faculty and American Red Cross Water Safety and CPR Pro Instructor credentials. Chris has also consulted and is a trainer in swimming pool management and operations.

Chris resides in Keene, NH with wife Helene, and dog Nippy. He is a two time past president of his Rotary Club and is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. He enjoys wilderness canoeing, kayaking, scuba, hunting and helping others develop and maintain healthy lifestyles.

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