Bounce House Regulations; Enforcement Lacking as Injuries Soar

Inflatable attractions may seem less menacing than roller coasters or carnival rides that send thrill-seekers spinning through the air, but they can be just as dangerous and are far less regulated. According to a October 30, 2017, Stateline Article by Jen Fifield, the estimated number of injuries on the attractions soared from 5,311 in 2003 to 17,377 in 2013, according to a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report analyzing U.S. hospital records. A Stateline analysis found that the trend continues, with an estimated 20,700 injuries in 2016. Only half of states have regulations governing permits, inspections and insurance. But even where rules are in place, a Stateline investigation found major shortcomings. In several states that require all inflatables to be permitted, dozens of companies advertise inflatable rentals online, but do not have permits on file with the state. That means the state has no way of knowing if they have been properly inspected or are insured. Few states scout for events where inflatables will be set up, or search online for company listings. When they find illegal operators, states rarely issue fines or fees. And in a few states, the regulating agencies don’t have the authority to punish operators, even if they wanted to. In addition, state laws about amusement rides are often unclear, leaving operators unsure about whether inflatables are regulated and what the penalties are for those who don’t follow the rules. Click HERE to read the full article, and HERE for a list of commercial inflatable regulations by state.

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