Building a Culture of Safety

At Safe-Wise Consulting, we often talk with our clients about building a “culture of safety”, because the safety for our children, members and community begins with safety for our staff.  At Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, their goal for employee safety is as clear and simple as their workplace safety program’s name: Go for Zero – One Day at a Time. They aim to achieve this goal day by day by eliminating all workplace injuries and ensuring an environment where all employees go home in the same shape as when they came to work. Their four Safety Guiding Principles outline the meaning of zero injuries and demonstrate Boeing’s commitment to driving safety for all employees, one day at a time.

  • We value human life and well-being above all else and take action accordingly.
  • All incidents, injuries and workplace illnesses are preventable.
  • We are personally accountable for our own and collectively responsible for each other’s safety.
  • By committing to safety first, we advance our goals for quality, cost, and schedule.

We would like to know what are you doing to build a culture of safety in your organization?

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