Considerations for Single Lifeguard Staffing

Many aquatic facilities provide the supervision of pool and aquatic features through the use of single lifeguard staffing. However, current trends in the aquatic industry suggest that single-guard coverage is becoming a thing of the past. Several states have implemented a requirement for staffing pools and aquatic facilities with multiple lifeguards. Some nationally recognized lifeguard training agencies either implicitly recommend or emphasize a team approach to care. The YMCA of the USA Aquatic Safety Guidelines encourages facilities to make it a priority to have multiple lifeguards on duty whenever pools are available for use. The American Red Cross implies the need for multiple lifeguards by teaching that certain emergency response strategies require more than one rescuer. Unfortunately, staffing with multiple lifeguards may not always be immediately financially feasible. However, there are considerations and practical strategies that can be used to improve lifeguard coverage as well as reduce risk as facilities plan for multiple lifeguard staffing. Click HERE to view our newest resource Considerations for Single Lifeguard Staffing. Your Safe-Wise consultant is also available to discuss specific strategies and tactics for your organization. Safe-Wise Consulting can provide guidance to your organization in order to reduce the risks associated with aquatic operations and single lifeguard coverage.

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