Don’t Let Your “Guard” Down Now

Don’t Let Your “Guard” Down Now. Typically, July & August see more swimmers and more drownings than any other months, and unfortunately this year is proving to be no different with continued above average temperatures driving more and more patrons to pools and beaches. It is imperative that lifeguards at aquatic facilities stay prepared and vigilant all summer. Here are a few tips to help manage swimmers and prevent incidents: Training – In-service training should include a heavy emphasis on the prevention of drowning, scanning drills should be part of the daily/weekly schedule and the aquatic EAP should be practiced regularly; Swimmer management – ensure that swim testing, buddy checks and safety breaks are consistently and smoothly implemented. Lifeguards – provide adequate breaks, water and shade for guards, especially as temperature have consistently soared into the triple digits in many parts of the country. Also ensure lifeguards are properly positioned and equipped. Need more ideas for aquatic safety? Review the pre-summer Aquatic Safety Reminder again and visit the Online Resource Library.

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