Drop-in Childcare

Many organizations provide Drop-in Childcare or Babysitting as a benefit of membership or add-on service to their members and participants. All too often, these programs do not adhere to the same policies and procedures as licensed childcare programs located in the same building.  Sometimes the same child enrolled in a licensed childcare program during the day may be dropped off to a drop-in program in the evening.  Why would we treat the standard of care / supervision for the same child differently from one program to another?  Who supervises your Drop-in Childcare or Babysitting program?  The Membership or Childcare department? Ultimately, Drop-in Childcare programs should adhere to the same policies and procedures as a licensed child care program especially as it relates to screening practices, supervision, staff to child ratios, bathroom supervision, and training.

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  1. Judith Seibel February 3, 2020 at 8:48 am #

    Our drop in center is supervised by the Chldcare department and since we have a licensed chldcare on site we have our drop in center follow the same regulations. This is for the safety of both the families and staff.

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