Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management

 Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management. With the recent rash of threats nationally against JCC’s and other organizations, it might be a good time to review and update your organization’s emergency preparedness and crisis management plans. Conducting emergency drills are an effective technique for preparing organizations for stressful situations and ensuring that emergency and crisis situations are handled effectively. Drills should be run at least every quarter, including a full evacuation drill at least twice a year. In some areas, such as child care, the department is required by license or by local code to run evacuation drills every month. Check with local authorities to determine which drills must be done and how frequently. Get local agencies like your police, fire and EMS services involved, as emergency personnel should review all your organization’s emergency procedures. They should also be invited to participate in and observe the drill to ensure that the staff is following standards. In addition, when conducting a drill, organizations should always remember to notify the local emergency services prior to activating any alarms. All drills should be documented and analyzed to determine if they are effective, and if procedures should be modified. Special attention must be paid to evaluating how all departments interact. It is important to evaluate how effectively written procedures reflect actual behaviors. Finally, the findings and procedures should be reviewed with all staff members.  For additional emergency preparedness resources see the Safe-Wise Online Resource Library.

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