How to Safeguard Children from Sexual Abuse in Your Facility

is the title of an Aquatics International article by Rebecca Robledo. The article states that earlier this year, the industry was shocked to learn the outcome of a lawsuit involving child sexual abuse: A jury awarded a boy $10million — $7 million of which must come from the venue, the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center of Pasadena, Calif. The family said that the child suffered several incidents of abuse over an approximately six-month period at the hands of an adult patron, who fled the country after the center was made aware of the accusations. The jury agreed with the family of the child, who was 11 years old at the time of the incidents. They determined that the center held 70%responsibility because the parents had entrusted it with the care of their child. Additionally, the family accused the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center of negligence, saying its lifeguards sensed something about the accused perpetrator and failed to report, as mandated by California law. Additionally, the family said that, while the center clearly took great care to protect visitors from drowning incidents, it was unprepared to handle child sexual abuse. Lifeguards weren’t trained to report suspicious behavior, they said, and certain areas of the spacious facility such as the spa, locker rooms and family changing areas went largely unsupervised. Preventing these traumatic incidents from occurring at your aquatic’s facility requires vigilance in multiple disciplines,including design, operations and training. Click HEREto read the full article.

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