If Ruminating on Risk Inspires Worry, You’re Doing it Wrong

is the title of an April 2019 Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC) article by Melanie Lockwood Herman. Herman states, during a recent risk workshop, one of our participants commented, “Thinking about all of the potential risks facing my organization makes me really worried!” Her remark reminded me of the distinction between what many leaders believe is the narrow purpose of risk management and its true aim. The narrow view of risk management’s purpose is that worrying about risk inspires doing something about risk. The broader aim of risk management is eloquently expressed by my long-time risk management coach and mentor, Felix Kloman, who writes: “The proper goal of risk management is to build and maintain the confidence of stakeholders. That combined confidence and trust is often translated into much-needed support, financial and otherwise, when surprise inevitably hits. It is the essence of resilience.” Pondering risk should inspire confidence and excitement about the possibilities, not excessive handwringing. Here are some practical ways to turn your risk worries into confidence-building conversations. Click HERE to access the article.

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