Importance of Staff Screening

A September 12, 2018, Philadelphia Magazine article titled How Did This Guy Get to Be a Head Lifeguard at a Philly Public Pool, reminds us of the importance of thorough staff screening. The article states that police say that Michael Daniels sexually assaulted a girl while he was the supervising lifeguard at the John B. Kelly Pool. It turns out he has a string of arrests, and most recently pleaded guilty to indecent exposure in 2015. As for how a person with such a criminal record could be a lifeguard — let alone the supervising lifeguard — at a public pool in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell said the organization is “deeply troubled that this individual worked in the system and takes this allegation very seriously. We are currently undergoing a thorough review of our hiring practices. We will make any changes necessary to ensure that all seasonal PPR staff follow the proper guidelines and procedures.” Click HERE to read the full article and click HERE to view our “Considerations for Screening Employed and Volunteer Staff” available on our Safe-Wise Resource Library.

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