Lightning Safety at Indoor Pools

Within in the aquatic community there continues to be debate over the need for closing indoor pools during proximate lightning activity. While it has long been established a best practice at outdoor facilities, there is no consensus on the need for pool evacuation at indoor aquatic facilities. Organizations must plan ahead for lightning storms and strikes by including lighting safety procedures in their emergency plan. Safe-Wise Consulting continues to recommend that all indoor pools are evacuated or closed when lightning activity is confirmed within a 10-mile radius of any aquatic facility. Organizations should develop emergency plans, identify lightning detection protocols and conduct regular drills to ensure that a safe response to any lightning threat is efficiently managed. Improper actions or inaction during these storms can be fatal. The decision to close indoor aquatic facilities can come down to the choice of reasonable caution over patron convenience. Click HERE to view our Lightning Safety at Indoor Pools FAQ designed to assist operators in making their planning decisions.

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