Litigation Assistance & Expert Witness

Finding knowledgeable assistance for litigation is challenging, and many cases require expert witnesses or consultants with specialized knowledge. Safe-Wise Consulting has experience in the various stages of litigation work; from accident investigation to expert testimony. Our staff consultants have assisted with cases involving drownings, water slide injuries, other aquatic safety issues, child abuse incidents, camp accidents, special event injuries, employee injuries and other incidents occurring at various organizations.

We offer free no-obligation initial phone consultations, reasonable terms and expert witness or consultation support by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Safe-Wise Consulting provides effective, timely and unparalleled support for attorneys, insurers and organizations throughout the US.

Services include:

  • Accident investigation
  • Case review and consulting
  • Identification of relevant facts for accidents, incidents, injuries and claims
  • Organization of resources and documents
  • Development of required exhibits
  • Assistance in the development of case strategy and information analysis
  • Consultation for the rebuttal of opposing expert testimony
  • Expert deposition and testimony