Membership / Guest Screening

Summer is coming to an end and school is back in session. Soon your community will be heading back indoors for fall programming and your hallways will be full of young community members again. Now is a good time to review and update your membership and visitor screening practices. These practices are an important layer of protection to help decrease the risk of abuse and is a good deterrent to potential predators looking for easy access to children. Does your organization check all members, guests, staff and contractors into the facility? Do you always know who is in your building? Do visitors sign-in and wear a name tag identifying them? Does your organization conduct a national sex offender registry check on everyone who enters your facilities? No one should have unauthorized access to youth or be in the building or program areas without acceptable identification and permission. Best practice is to conduct a national sex offender registry check on all members and guests and have established procedures for responding when you find anyone on the list. Sex offender registry checks should be repeated on the same schedule as staff criminal background checks. Click HERE for additional child abuse prevention resources located on the Safe-Wise Resource Library.

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