#NotHereAtCamp: Creating a Camp Community Safe from Sexual Harassment

is the title of a May 2018 American Camp Association (ACA) article by Bob Ditter. The article states #MeToo. It’s been a rolling, roiling story that’s been unfolding for over a year: the riveting and, at times, explosive exposure of ongoing and often long-standing sexual abuse and harassment of both male and female victims by mostly men in various positions of power. So, don’t be surprised if the idea of sexual harassment crosses your mind at camp this summer. To think that camp exists in some kind of bubble, where sexual interest is somehow left at the front gate, is, after all, naïve. Yes, I know most directors say, “Sex doesn’t belong at camp!” And, of course, that’s true when it comes to any sexual behavior, including gossip or talk, in front of or with campers, even if you as a staff member are the same age or near the age of some of the older campers. But what about nights out and time off? Even if you are at a single-sex camp, we all know you find ways to “meet up” with staff members from other camps. What then? Read the full article HERE.

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