Responder Liaison & Go Bags

An important, yet often overlooked part of your organization’s emergency action planning should be to create a partnership with your local law enforcement by assigning a responder liaison to work with emergency responders. The responder liaison should be knowledgeable with your facilities emergency and security procedures as well as floor plans. Your responder liaison should invite responders to your facility. Ensure your emergency action plans include a site assessment with all information you can provide to responders. This includes public address systems, security cameras, alarms, medical supplies, building maps, and primary and alternate ingress and egress routes and locations where your disabled, access and functional needs personnel may be sheltering in place. Identify a secondary staging area and coordinate that with first responders. Your responder liaison should also prepare a Go-Bag to hand off to first responders in an emergency. Your Go-Bag should minimally include: maps w/ floor plans, master keys, controlled access swipe cards, sharpies or large black grease pencils, tourniquets / quick clot kits, radios connected with site security and flashlights. More information on Emergency Preparedness can be found on our online Resource Library.

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