Safety at Home Starts in the Workplace

is the title of a March 25th Safety & Health Magazine article by Don Martin. Martin explains that safety planning isn’t exclusive to the workplace. Safety must also be practiced at home. While on-the-job injury rates continue to decline, the number and rate of unintentional deaths at home are rising at alarming paces. These events are a solemn reminder that safety shouldn’t end when the workday does. According to National Safety Council data, the No. 1 cause of unintentional death is drug poisoning. Motor vehicle crashes are second, followed by falls. Yet, we keeping reading headlines about people participating in behaviors that lead to death or injury, such as not locking up medications, texting while driving, failing to wear protective gear when climbing a ladder and many more. As an employee, you hopefully wouldn’t replicate these kinds of behaviors at work. Yet at home, the environment is different and you may think and behave accordingly. The goal of total safety is to get people to model safe work behaviors and instill them at home. How that can happen is simple: Practice behavior at work that reinforces safety at home whenever potential risk is at play. Click HERE to read the full article.

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