Other Services

Every organization is different and has different needs. By analyzing your operations we can partner with you to develop the right combination of services to meet your needs. Our assessment process offers both electronic and on-site components. The risk assessment process incorporates the following key elements (in addition to the others outlined on our Service page) for addressing risk for your organization:

Facilities – Facility issues can often lead to accidents and losses. The assessment process reviews design, function and security of planned and existing buildings to develop strong loss prevention practices. Key areas such as life-safety, maintenance, prevention and inspection practices are reviewed and strengthened in current facilities. Design considerations for accident/incident prevention, loss control and security are reviewed and strengthened for facilities in the design phase. This process is particularly effective because of our knowledge of common experiences and safety concerns at multiple facilities throughout the US.

Financial Control – Nonprofit organizations must be good stewards of the monies they receive. This includes incorporating sound financial controls into their daily activities as well as implementing policies that help the organization manage its finances. Safe-Wise works with your organization to ensure that proper checks and balances as well as overview practices are in place to protect your organization from financial harm.

Governance – The Board of Directors is the authority when it comes overseeing a nonprofit organization. Their responsibility for implanting proper polices for staff to implement is important. Safe-Wise works with your organization to ensure proper governance practices and policies are in place. We also assist you with your training of volunteer leadership.

Risk Transfer – The use of waivers, contracts, agreements and other risk transfer vehicles can often confuse nonprofit leaders. Safe-Wise provides simple examples and practical applications to help protect your organization.

Transportation Safety – Whether you transport equipment, people or contract out for services, your nonprofit needs to ensure it has strong transportation risk management strategies in place. Our comprehensive transportation program can help you to ensure that safety is focused on and accidents are reduced.

Trends & Critical Topics – Safe-Wise stays informed on current issues and trends involving the key risk management issues for organizations today. We analyze this information to keep you current and informed. Current information can assist organizations in staying ahead of the curve and preventing incidents thereby protecting staff, patrons, clients, the organization and others from harm.