Workplace Training & Drills

Even the best workplace emergency plans mean nothing if people are not trained, and rehearsed through regular drills. Employees need to clearly understand what to do in many given situations. On-going documented training should be conducted at least annually and upon hire. Employees should practice these plans through regularly documented drills. Staff members need to be clear on the expectations of Fire, EMS and Police personnel, or they increase the risk of hurting someone or themselves. Proper documented training and drills also improves legal defensibility. An important point to emphasize in training is to look at the threats specific to each particular site the organization owns and / or operates. While the same plan in concept may apply, there may be different priorities depending on the facility layout, staffing structure and programs operated at each specific site. A one-size-fits-all approach should be avoided. The trainer needs to be provided adequate time to perform effective on-site training and drills. It is imperative to make sure employees fully understand the policies related to workplace safety, are given adequate training, and the opportunity to participate in rehearsed emergency plan drills. How is your organization preparing it’s employees for emergencies?

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